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Houston, Texas 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Lawyers

Our Houston truck accident lawyers serve victims of 18-wheeler accidents across Texas. We have been taking on trucking companies and their insurers and winning big for over 35 years. Call us at 281-893-0760 to discuss your rights and options for free.Our 18-wheeler truck accident attorneys have an unparalleled record of holding drivers and trucking companies accountable for severe injury and fatal truck accidents. 18-Wheeler accident lawyer Greg Baumgartner has been holding trucking companies responsible for serious injury and wrongful death accidents for over three decades.

Attorney Greg Baumgartner is also nationally recognized as a leading 18-wheeler accident attorney. Mr. Baumgartner holds two law degrees and has the highest possible lawyer rating available.

Many defense attorneys refer their friends and family members injured in a commercial vehicle crash to us. We are one of the very few truck accident law firms in the country that maintain a quick response team.

Our 18-wheeler accident law practice is limited to cases where the victim of the trucking collision has sustained severe injuries or when a family has lost a loved one. We have numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts or settlements. Please visit our results page for some of our recent cases.


Professional truck drivers required to have specialized training in safety and follow specific regulations establishing the minimum safe conduct for both drivers and their companies. Unfortunately, drivers and their companies cut corners and frequently put profit ahead of safety endangering the motoring public.

Sometimes truck drivers can be driving their 18-wheeler after they must stop operating the vehicle. Hours of Service violations are ordinary and lead to tired and fatigued driving.

The trucking company’s negligence causes other 18-wheeler truck accidents in failing to keep the tractor-trailer in proper operating condition, by failing to maintain such essential safety equipment as brakes, tires or other components putting everyone at risk.

With the shortage of truck drivers, many companies are hiring drivers not qualified to operate an 80,000-pound vehicle which leads to truck crashes.

Some tractor-trailer collisions happen merely because the driver ignores the rules of the road that apply to everyone or violates the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Whether the driver was impaired, fell asleep at the wheel, following closely, speeding or not paying attention to the cars around them, contacting a leading 18-wheeler accident attorney quickly after an incident is a smart choice.


Investigation: Soon after the insurance company for the trucking company and the driver learn of the accident, they will send teams to the scene of the crash to interview witnesses and gather evidence to defend a personal injury, or wrongful death claim they suspect will be coming against them.

Contact an 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer soon after the crash, so they can counter the efforts of the defendant insurance company and preserve valuable evidence.

The insurance company is in the business to make profits, and they do that by paying as little as a can on any individual claim. Further, trucking regulations require higher limit commercial policies for each big rig.

Persons involved in an accident with a semi-truck should not give a written or recorded statement to the adjusters investigating the claim until after they could have discussed the matter with the best Houston truck accident attorney they can find.

NEGOTIATION: Studies have conclusively shown that insurance companies do not deal with individual victim’s same way they do when those people have attorneys. Taking advantage of folks who are unrepresented happens every day to the detriment of the public. Frequently, after a severe truck wreck, an insurance company will contact the family seeking an early settlement hoping to pay pennies on the dollar.

A common trick is to say something like “we accept responsibility,” and they injured assume that the insurance company means they will pay reasonable compensation. That is not the case. There is a reason insurance companies do not want to hire a skilled attorney. Making the right choice of attorney for an 18-wheeler accident is vitally important.

LAWSUIT: Serious injury or wrongful death 18-wheeler accident cases usually end up in litigation to obtain full and fair compensation. It seems a trial setting frequently provides the incentive for many insurers to reevaluate the damages of the injured.

Make sure the attorney you choose has the commercial vehicle lawsuit experience necessary to maximize the value of your case!


MEDICAL TREATMENT: The most important thing a person can do after a collision with a commercial vehicle is to seek medical care and follow doctor’s orders to the letter.

Do not resolve your injury claim against the trucking company before you have a clear handle on the extent of your injuries.

FOLLOW UP TESTING AND CARE: Most 18-wheeler accident victims who survive, start out in the emergency room and are discharged as some point with instructions to get follow-up treatment. Getting proper care in both testing and also needed treatment should be a victim’s first priority.

If you have questions about your health insurance coverage, or options for getting necessary medical treatment, call us to discuss your options.


Selecting the best 18-wheeler accident attorney is an essential first step toward protecting you and your family’s financial future.

EXPERIENCE: Finding a lawyer with extensive experience in trucking litigation is mandatory for optimum results. You do not want the attorney you select to be learning on the job with your case.

Likewise, you do not want to get handed off to an inexperienced associate after you sign on with the law firm.

Our Houston truck wreck lawyers have been winning top settlements from truck wreck lawsuits for over 35 years and have an unparalleled winning record.

Results: Looking at the lawyer’s performance in semi-truck crash cases will show you both the experience of the attorney and results they have achieved for other people.

TRUSTWORTHY: Do your homework to ensure you select a reliable attorney before you sign any paperwork with that lawyer.

Many people call our office after already retaining an attorney not qualified, and then, it is often too late.

Do your homework before you sign any contracts and select the best truck accident attorney to handle your case! We have been in business in the same area in NW Houston for more than 30 years and are A+ rated by the BBB.


We are one of the few truck accident law firms that maintain a quick response team to investigate your accident.

Our team of attorneys, accident reconstruction experts, and trucking regulation experts can put you in the position to compete and win against the insurance company defending the truck driver and company.

We also take a hands-on approach to coordination for the medical treatment of our clients.

We use treating physicians and other medical experts to help explain to our jury the damages by the truck driver and company.

Sometimes, we use life care planners who specialize in documenting future medical expenses needed by the victim. We have over 35 years’ experience in winning cases against trucking companies.


One primary benefit of our three decades of experience in winning truck accident cases is our winning approach can be used when your case.

We have never lost a truck accident case in over 35 years. Our numerous multimillion-dollar results speak for themselves, and our clients have given us many accolades.

Insurance carriers for the main trucking company lines know us well, and we can settle many cases early and fight to obtain maximum value for our clients.


There’s a big difference between a personal injury attorney who wants to handle trucking accident cases and the lawyers specializing in trucking cases for decades.

Truck accidents differ from those involving car to car crashes for many reasons.

First, the damages are almost always significant with a trucking accident given the size of the 18-wheeler.

Second, additional safety rules and regulations apply to truck drivers and the truck company powerful evidence in a commercial vehicle accident lawsuit.

After most of our 18-wheeler accident cases are settled the trucking company demands the enormous amount they had to pay to remain “confidential”, so others would not know how much the insurance company had to pay our clients.


The physics of a crash with an 18-wheeler are, so an accident is much more likely to lead to severe injury than the same accident involving a car to a car collision. In our three decades of representing accident victims these are the injuries we see the most commonly from a big rig accident:

  • Spinal cord injury which can be fractures or herniations often requiring surgery
  • Head injuries involving fractures of the skull or traumatic brain injury
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Wrongful death

When a commercial vehicle collision involves serious injuries or losing a loved one, the selection of the right truck accident attorney it is vital to the success of the claim.

Choosing a lawyer experienced in truck wreck cases increases your opportunity to maximize compensation and protect your financial future.


Doing your homework when selecting a leading commercial truck accident lawyer to represent you in your truck accident case should be your priority and accomplished soon after the collision.

Some areas to know when researching attorneys include:

  • Avoid law firms where you think you are hiring the experienced partner, but an inexperienced associate will do the work on the case. If you cannot get a commitment from the partner to take the depositions and do the job your case will suffer.
  • Avoid high volume law firms as your case will most likely be handled by legal assistants and inexperienced attorneys. Further, the high-volume case mill lawyers settle quickly and cheaply and move on to the next case.
  • Avoid attorneys too busy to talk with you or if you cannot get open and honest responses.
  • Avoid personal injury law firms without substantial truck litigation experience. Check out the results of the law firm specifically from commercial vehicle accidents.


Contact us to discuss your case today- we charge no fee for an initial consultation about a truck accident injury claim.

If we agree to accept your case- we are not paid a dime unless you receive money in your pocket.

Check out a long list of multi-million-dollar results in 18-wheeler accident cases and call to schedule your free consultation.

Don’t settle for less! Call (281) 893-0760 -24/7!

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